WOLF FAB invaded by Yotas!

Gary and Chandler posting up at Wolf Fab proving that new Toyotas can look slick. Thanks for the opportunity to work on these rigs!


High Steer system along with 4.88 gears front and rear, love these old beaters too.


New Meats…

New rubber of the 44" variety. IMG_2365 First thing, cut my rims up to avoid any temptation to simply mount them WITHOUT building beadlocks.   IMG_2357    

University City Sculpture Project.

U-City sculpture project design in progress, commissioned for the North West Corner of Midland and Olive Blvd.  A collaboration of Graduate students from Washing ton University, the Office of Economic Development, and University City.    Thank you for the opportunity. Teaser Pic... think massive flower arrangement. DSC_0260 Thank you Upchurch for supplying the Vase.

Hello from Wolf Fab.

Wolf Fabrication aims to design and build custom projects ranging from furniture and art construction, to off-road fabrication and equipment repair. No job too small and capabilities in wood, laminates, steel, aluminum, stainless and more, Wolf Fabrication intends to make your ideas come to life with long lasting quality while focused on the overall design.